Bokarie, two severe clubfeet

Bokarie Moribah, age eight, was born with two severe clubfeet. Bokarie lives in a small village in Sierra Leone where he attends a primary school over a mile away from his home.  Bokarie has been managing to walk to school with crutches every school day.   When at school, he is often harassed and teased by his able-bodied classmates. This, at times, has led Bokarie to try and attack them with his crutches.

KITE-SL working in conjunction with Africa Surgery, gave Bokarie a child-sized mobility cart donated by Mobility World Wide (  He will now get to school and home again with much less difficulty, and his friends at school will likely have a higher opinion of him now that he has wheels  and show him more respect.  

KITE-SL and Africa Surgery are arranging to have Bokarie’s turned feet corrected by a neglected clubfoot specialist-surgeon  who will visit Sierra Leone in November, 2019.