TB has grieved not only us but our families and that its burden is enough for all of us to curb it out from our midst.

Each year nearly 9 million people fell sick with TB and 1.4 million are believed to die. Ninety five percent of these deaths occur in developing countries.TB is the second top infectious killer of adults worldwide. Children are faced
with a higher risk of being infected by sick family members, household mates etc. And since TB is difficult to diagnose in children, many as a result go untreated leading to brain damage (TB Meningitis), Potts Disease, TB of Knee, Hip, Cervical and many others especially outside the lungs resulting to paralysis, disabilities and deaths.

Please join us now in weeding TB out of our country.

The Prosthetic and Orthotic Director delivering a public
lecture on Potts disease in a town-hall meeting.