Bokarie, two severe clubfeet

Bokarie Moribah, age eight, was born with two severe clubfeet. Bokarie lives in a small village in Sierra Leone where he attends a primary school over a mile away from his home.  Bokarie has been managing to walk to school with crutches every school day.   When at school, he is often harassed and teased by his able-bodied classmates. This, at times, has led Bokarie to try and attack them with his crutches.

KITE-SL working in conjunction with Africa Surgery, gave Bokarie a child-sized mobility cart donated by Mobility World Wide (  He will now get to school and home again with much less difficulty, and his friends at school will likely have a higher opinion of him now that he has wheels  and show him more respect.  

KITE-SL and Africa Surgery are arranging to have Bokarie’s turned feet corrected by a neglected clubfoot specialist-surgeon  who will visit Sierra Leone in November, 2019.

Osman, Pediatric hernia

Osman, age about two years, was brought to us by his mother on Sunday morning to remind us of the hernia he has had since birth. Osman belongs to a family of poor farmers in Sierra Leone who cannot afford the two to three hundred dollars to have his hernia repaired. But they understand that without the surgery, Osman will not only live with pain, but his ability to do heavy work will be very limited.